Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why the Left loses

While researching the DailyKos-TNR feud -- the cage match between "illiterate" Marcos Moulitsas Zuniga and "neocon" Marty Peretz -- I came across an interesting post by Ezra Klein of the American Prospect:
You hear a lot about the insidiousness of TNR and The Weekly Standard, but there's little effort to strengthen alternatives like The American Prospect or In These Times.
Or Workers World. Or the People's Weekly World.

That Klein thinks it a good thing to compare his employer to In These Times speaks ill of either Klein or his employer.

The American Prospect is a journal written by, for and about liberals in Blue America. It advocates a liberalism that is completely alien to the experience of ordinary Americans -- especially middle-class suburban/exurban "swing voters."

Even with 90% liberal/Democrat dominance in the faculties of the nation's universities, and even with similar dominance in the fields of publishing and broadcasting -- even after four decades of the "long march through the institutions" -- the Left has not been able to convince a working majority of Americans that retreat is preferable to victory, or that socialism works better than capitalism.

Liberalism is the belief that Hillary Clinton loves your children more than you do. It is the belief that Ted Kennedy is more qualified than you to decide what school your child should attend, and what should be taught there. It is the belief that, when America is at war, it is more courageously patriotic to oppose than to support the war. To be liberal is to prefer "social justice" to plain old justice.

Liberalism is the belief that Robert Reich knows more about business than the CEO of Wal-Mart, that Hollywood stars and rock singers are more fit to preach virtue than your local Baptist minister, and that John Kerry is a sounder judge of military strategy than Tommy Franks. Generally, and most fundamentally, liberalism nowadays consists largely of the belief that anyone who is not liberal is stupid, hateful or both.

With such attitudes, it is easy for the Left to imagine themselves the moral superiors of ordinary Americans. But it's danged hard to get your candidates elected, isn't it?