Thursday, July 06, 2006

Joe-Mentum: Live!

* UPDATED 11:30 p.m. *
Hot Air has video. Lieberman piles up fact after fact, Lamont comes across like a deer in the headlights. Total dominance for Joe, total embarassment for the Ned-roots.

Kos more or less admits Lamont got his butt kicked:
Joe Lieberman proved that yes, he is a politician, in both the good and bad meanings of the word ... a polished debator[sic] and looked like he had done this a million times before. ... Ned Lamont proved that no, he is not a politician. He was clearly nervous. ... Lieberman may have technically won the debate, but he did so using tactics so ugly that Lamont was the sentimental favorite. ... You could almost hear Ned thinking "calm down, take a deep breath, count to ten before you say something rash..." everytime Lieberman would barge in on his responses.
Translation: Ned's not ready for prime time.

Lieberman has such a low-intensity demeanor I figure he's got a resting pulse rate in the low 60s and will live to be 107. If he'd been this good in 2000 ... who knows?
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AllahPundit's liveblogging the Lieberman-Lamont debate. The debate is also liveblogged by Outside the Beltway.

Lieberman attacks:
"Ned Lamont seems just to be running against me based on my stand on one issue, Iraq, and he is distorting who I am and what I've done," Lieberman said in his opening statement. "I know George Bush. I've worked against George Bush. I've even run against George Bush. But Ned, I'm not George Bush," Lieberman said. "So why don't you stop running against him and have the courage and honesty to run against me and the facts of my record."
Classic doom-and-gloom from Lamont:
"We're losing a lot of our good paying jobs here in the state of Connecticut, and I wonder about the opportunities for our kids as they get older."
Median household income 2003

U.S.: $43,564

Connecticut: $56,803

Lamont's running for Senate in a state with the 3rd-highest median income in the country, and you'd think it was Dust Bowl Oklahoma in 1932! And I just love that bit about "our kids": Ned's a graduate of Harvard and Yale, a millionaire cable TV entrepreneur, but he's worried about economic opportunity for "our kids." That's beautiful.

Ayatollah Kosola produces not one, not two, but three separate threads on the Lieberman-Lamont debate, with a total of about 1,000 comments. Oh, and if you click over to DailyKos to see what those clueless clowns are up to, that is counted as a "unique visitor" and your traffic is used to justify the ad rates that generate an estimated $832,000 in gross annual revenue for Kos.

Markos & Co. can call the president any name in the book, and no one dare "question their patriotism." But any Democrat who supports Lieberman is not "a loyal Democrat," according to Kos.

Like any loyal Republican, Mark Kilmer wants Looney Loser Lamont to win:
Ned would help to unite the party around the perfect message of weakness: Government as an all-controlling nanny who thrives on our country receiving continual comeuppance.