Sunday, July 16, 2006

More Smoosh-mania

A few days ago, I criticized Smoosh -- the adolescent girl-pop sister act -- because one of them displayed a "NO BUSHIT" button in a publicity photo. This prompted some criticism from Smoosh fans, and then I got an e-mail:
I read your post about Smoosh and I have to say, you're an idiot. Of course Smoosh are allowed to wear Anti-Bush badges etc. Bush is an idiot, and the girls know it. I don't know why you want to boycott them! If I had to pay taxes in the US, I'd cut out everything that went to the War and Bush. I think you should delete that post and formally apologise, otherwise go stick your head in a blender.
The writer identifies himself as Edmund Townsend, a 14-year-old from Cardiff, Wales, who is an aspiring novelist. (Keeping in mind what I call The Steiner Principle, I don't know if this is even a real person.) I replied:
Thanks for visiting the blog. You have a right to your opinion. Smoosh has a right to their opinion. And so do I. When middle-school pop stars decide to make political statements, they invite political criticism, especially when their "statement" takes the form of a scatological wordplay.
I suppose the Smoosh girls could have chosen other ways to express their disdain for the president, or they could have just kept their political opinions to themselves. But they didn't, and none of the "adults" -- parents, producers, publicists, record company executives -- who are responsible for guiding these girls thought to intervene.

So welcome to the culture war, Smoosh.