Monday, July 10, 2006

Your tax dollars tripping out?

Funded by a federal research grant, a Johns Hopkins study that finds "profound mystical experiences" from psilocybin is yet another example of how the government wastes taxpayer money.

I could have told them all they needed to know about the "mystical" effects of psilocybin in 1979 without a penny from the feds -- provided they'd caught me in a lucid phase.

Psilocybin mushrooms grow abundantly in Alabama cow pastures after it rains and -- without benefit of double-blind studies or grants from the Department of Health and Human Services -- we undergraduates at Jacksonville (Ala.) State University conducted extensive research "in the field," as it were.

It's sometimes said that young people "experiment" with drugs. OK, I was the Enrico Fermi of drug "experimentation." Like Dennis Miller, I not only inhaled, I drank the bong water (which is nasty, by the way).

Given my own personal "research" findings, it is hardly surprising to me that, 15 years after Woodstock, Ronald Reagan was re-elected in a 49-state landslide. Thus, Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" strategy may have been misguided: I know lots of right-wingers who were stoners back in the day.

Let this be a warning to young dopeheads out there: The long-term after-effects of illegal drugs may include a tendency toward fundamentalist religion and anti-government political views.